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                                                                            Black Art Spells 


There are not enough words in the English language to warn the individual against the use of this potent recipes. This is the classic Voodoo spell-casting formulas and it is not a joke or something to be used lightly. Most modern Voodooists stay away from the hexing preparations since there are so many white magickal ways of accomplishing the desires of one's will without inflicting harm on another. Black Magick is, in general, any violation of another person's rights or freedom. In Witchcraft, one of the basic laws is “And ye harm none, do what thou wilt.” Provided that you are positive that no one will be hurt or coerced through your procedures, then go right ahead! To use magick to force people to do things or to manipulate reality for the sake of mere ego is considered black magick and is to be avoided at all costs. However, there are occasional situations where someone has wronged you, in which case you should either perform a justice or uncrossing ritual. Either one will produce effects similar to a hex by lifting hex off of you and returning it to the party who sent it.

NOTE: The Best Spells Magick and their respective employees will accept no karma for the results of this rituals. The Black Arts Rituals is true and authentic. We also refutes any karmic ties from the rituals of the black arts. In fact, what we are stating is that the true purpose of this ritual was designed only for honest  retribution. As we cannot sit in and judge each case, it is truly up to the individual to decide whether or not there is truly a need for this type if ritual.

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