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POMEGRANATE Holy Biblical Anointing Oil

POMEGRANATE Holy Biblical Anointing Oil


Pomegranates symbolize life and fertility owing to their many seeds, but they are also a symbol of power (imperial orb), blood, and death. Pomegranates already symbolized fertility, beauty, and eternal life,

Work to improve your physical and emotional well-being with this anointing oil. This product consists of a blend of virgin olive oils from the Galilee and Jerusalem regions infused with the essences of Biblical herbs and flower extracts, and every bottle includes fresh olive and pomegranate leaves. Named for the pomegranate, one of the seven species with which the Land of Israel is blessed and a symbol of abundance, this therapeutic anointing oil is a beautiful way of adding ancient healing practices to your modern self-care regimen. 


This oil is handcrafted from natural, pure olive oil and essential oils, fresh olive leaves, and oil harvested in Jerusalem and Judea.

Use the spiritual oils for candles and spells, anointing your body or charms, dressing your candles, blessing your home, as a ritual bath oil, and for many other purposes.

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