BLACK ARTS Triple Strength Oil

Black Art oil is powerful black magick oil. Use this magical oil to cross and hex your enemy. A potent black magick oil, use to call upon dark forces and spirits to attack, destroy and have complete domination over your enemies. Can also be used to summon and control dark spirits for pacts. Black Art is the most powerful black magic oil used in witchcraft and voodoo spells.
Black Arts oil should be used with extreme caution! 
Mother bottle contains potent oil, powders, roots and malefic herbs
Bottle 1/4 fl.oz (2 dram)             
  • How to Use

    Use it for destruction, revenge and cursing spells. Use to create tension and strife toward someone in your life. Use Black Arts oil on a black candle, voodoo doll, photo, on a door knob or a surface your enemy will touch, or a spell.
    This oil is not intended to be worn or anointed on the body. Please use with extreme caution.
  • Please Note:

    Please Note: Bottle Shape and Label Color May Vary According To Availability . Due to the natural ingredients of Freya’s House oil, the color will vary.



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