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BIG MONEY Oill with Gold Murano Glass Perfume Bottle

BIG MONEY Oill with Gold Murano Glass Perfume Bottle


Each of these hand-crafted beautiful Gold Murano Glass Perfume Bottle Pendant Necklace with BIG MONEY Oil is unique hand-crafted work of art that can be used in different ways. 

This Pendant with BIG MONEY Oil is excellent for anyone wanting to draw in money, abundance, financial assistance, fast cash, and better business with customers. This Pendant Amulet you can use for prosperity  and financial success, steady work, money spell, work or conjure work, to bring money to you that is owed to you. This Pendant Amulet is charged for extremely fast results. Wear this daily and anoint with BIG MONEY oil on your hands, candles, petition papers, and the front door to bring in the abundance. Place some drops under your door mat to bring in the quick results, as this is amazing!  

L 17.7"

Color:  gold/clear/silver

1/2 dram BSM Big Money Perfume Oil

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