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KING SOLOMON Holy Biblical Anointing Oil

KING SOLOMON Holy Biblical Anointing Oil


King Solomon of the House of David is legendary for his wisdom, judgment, abundance, and overwhelmingly successful reign. King Solomon's oil is crafted to help you make the right decisions to find success, abundance, and respect in almost any venture.


Holy Solomon King Oil is used to harness the power of the heavens to bring protection, blessing, and success into one's life. The key ingredients are Solomon Seal Root and other herbs, crystals, and essential oils.  This oil is made with extraordinary care, using only extra virgin olive oil acquired from the trees around Jerusalem, with strict attention to purity, and handcrafted with Frankincense, Rose, Lotus, Solomon seal, and Hyssop. The oil is also infused with crystals and stones with powerful spiritual and emotional benefits.


The oil is undiluted and contains no artificial fragrances or additives, ensuring you receive the full benefits of the herbs and oils. Use an intention oil to dress an object like candles, altar tools, money, and other items you wish to help intensify your ritual. Add to baths, floor washes, dress petitions, or wear as a magical conjure perfume. The oil is perfect for spiritual rituals, ceremonies, daily spiritual practice, anointing oneself, blessing objects, and creating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

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