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7 KNOT LOVE SPELL Simple Candle Ritual Kit

7 KNOT LOVE SPELL Simple Candle Ritual Kit


Draws true love close to you. Holds and keep your true love. Your special someone will desire and love you ONLY! 
These small but powerful kits contain potent oil, herbs, a blessed carrying bag, and a special rope. All instructions are included so you can do it right! Try them now, and you will be amazed! To the ancients, 7 was a mystical number. In the Sacred Tarot, 7 represents success and victory. The power of sympathetic magick is projected by the ritual of  Incantations and actions, such as employed in this spell for love. This spell is powerful and should not be taken lightly. It is a spell that works fast.  


Each kit contains:
Intention Candle
Bath Salt
Ritual Oil
Pentacle Charm 
Bag with Rose Buds
Mojo Bag
Scroll with Instructions
Organza Bag







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