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"Alibe" Luck & Happiness Wishing Bracelet

"Alibe" Luck & Happiness Wishing Bracelet

Cute surfer-style bracelet with Polynesian flavor are perfect for make life “fun in the sun”. Wouldn't it be nice if you had the opportunity to make a wish and have it come true? Perform this simple ritual to get your desire. Make a wish and tie your bracelet on your wrist. When your bracelet wears off, your wish may come true. When you tie it on, concentrate and make a wish. 

Legend says that when it falls off, your wish will come true!
Each bracelet can be worn as a bracelet/anklet.
All bracelets are handmade and empowered by Practitioner with special ritual. Each bracelet slightly different.

Material: waxed cotton cord, cowrie shell and polymer clay
Size: 16x9mm flower and 22x14mm shell,
L: 7-inches.
Color: brown/multi-color
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