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Black Candle Tobacco Oil is a very old formula from New Orleans.  It has several uses.  One is to help in seemingly impossible court cases or legal situations, to influence the judge and jury to find favor with you, and to take the fire away from your opponent's case. Black Candle Tobacco Oil is also used for contacting folks when you don't know where they're at or how to reach them. It is used for communication with the living and sometimes the dead.  It is generally used with a black candle.  You can also use it on your phone, letters you write, petitions, mailbox, computer, phone, and more to establish or re-establish contact with a lost love or someone you've lost touch with. You can also use it to anoint legal papers and even yourself before legal proceedings or court cases. 


Black Candle Tobacco formula follows the authentic recipe passed down throughout the years from New Orleans Voodoo practitioners and contains many fine roots, herbs, curios, and essential oils in addition to high-end tobacco and other secrets.

Bottle Size: 2 drams (1/4 fl.oz.)

Please Note Bottle Shape and Label Color May Vary According To Availability. Due to the

natural ingredients of Freya's House oil, the color will vary.

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