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CARDA Filigree Stretch Ring.

CARDA Filigree Stretch Ring.

"Carda" Art Deco Seed Stone Filigree Stretch Ring
Art Deco Seed Stone Metal Filigree Stretch Ring.
Sometimes simple is the most chic choice. Forgo complicated designs and loud, distracting details that make today's modern trends and opt for straight-laced sweet and charming with this accessory. A captivating band with a deliciously delicate floral center is the breath of fresh air you've been seeking.

Magickal Use: Wear this beautiful flower ring to bring house blessing, material goods, and stability. Light a green candle, pass 3 times this ring over the flame, place back on your finger and pray this prayer, and be assured of good luck, and good fortune, for as long as the candle glows:"Most gracious God. I thank Thee for all faith in the goodness, and confidence in the knowledge that my needs will be met through my own efforts and thy bountiful benevolence. Amen."

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