CITRINE Ancient Altar Blessed Witches Salt & Crashed Crystals

CITRINE Ancient Altar Blessed Witches Salt & Crashed Crystals


 Authentic, Hand Crafted by the Witches at BSM Freya’s House

 Best Spells Magick Citrine Blessed & Holy Sprinkling Witch Salt is a sacred and blessed salt for blessing altars. 

Ancient Altar Sacred Blessed Salt is finely grain sea salt that has been specially prepared, and blended with fine crashed crystals, chosen for their powerful intent.  Our Ancient Altar Sacred Salt is blessed and prayed over and ready for you to use on your own altar.

Citrine -  Use on your altar for any spell or ritual work, to attract good fortune, to bring prosperity, and increase business. Use when you working with the solar plexus, and wish to radiate confidence and power


A little goes a long way. Each bottle contains approx. 1/2 oz. of salt and the bottle measures 1/2 by 2-1/4 inches. Cork closer. Adorned with a Five Star Charm. Can be left on your altar as an offer or decoration.   

Not for ingestion, external use only

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