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Come to Me Spell (YouTub Video)

Come to Me Spell (YouTub Video)


Custom Magic Spell Kit

In this ritual you will learn to attract a lover to come to you. Use this ritual to attract the attention of a specific far-away person, lover or mate. Make him/her to return home, or contact you by phone, e-mail or other way.

If you know where the person you desire lives, that he or she knows where you live, that the two of you have some sort of established form of prior communication. In that case, it is indeed possible to work love spells to attract and draw him or her to you.


Custom Magic Kit

BSM Spell Kits are custom magic kits with supplies pulled for your specific intention. After you’ll place an order, our spell casters will prepare and magically charge for you ordered spell. Spell kits include condition oils, candles, herb baths and everything required for the spell our customer’s request. All items in the Spell Kit you receive will be blessed and consecrated. Many of the items you receive will be artisan-crafted, carved with symbols and anoint with BSM authentic oil by our alchemist's. Step-by-step instructions included in every kit walk you through the spell casting process from beginning to end.

You can include birthdates and any relevant information when ordering your spell kit so we can properly tailor spell for your specific needs.


  • Please Note:

    No one is harmed in any way with either type of spell casting

    The Product(s) in this listing is (are) for religious or curios purposes only.

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