COME TO ME Triple Strength Oil

COME TO ME Triple Strength Oil

Triple Strength Magickal Come to Me Oil is very powerful attraction recipe used when you desire to force 
certain stranger to feel strong sexual responses toward you. It entices the stranger you secretly desire. 
Excites and arouses those you love to come forth and respond. Hand Blended Magickal Ritual Anointing Oil. VERY POTENT. USE WITH CARE.
Glass Bottle Size: 1/4 fl.oz (2 dram)
  • How to Use

    Use on the bosom to attract sexual love. Use to anoint pink candle in love ritual. Use as a perfume or use as a bath, blending 3-5 drops with 1/2 cup of kosher salt.

    Our Come To Me Oil is a powerful attraction oil which will bind a lover to you. Wear on your body to attract that special someone. Add a bit of Come to Me oil to your everyday perfume or cologne you use and make sure to wear that perfume when you're around your target to draw them closer to you with each encounter.  Place a few drops on top of a 7 Day "Come to Me" candle to enhance its strength. Carve a red figural candle with your target's name and the phrase "Come to Me" on it. Dress the candle with Come to Me oil and command your target to come to you and love you. Burn the candle down over the photo of your target. When the candle's done, bury the remains by your front door to draw your target to your home. Additionally you may use our Come to Me oil to bind a lover you: Secure a Love Red Mojo Bag into which you place a Red Magnetic Lodestone along with a photograph of the loved one on the back of which you write both your name & that of the loved one. Draw 3 complete circles around the written names. Anoint the bag daily with our Come to Me oil & keep the bag beneath the mattress on which you sleep.

  • Important:

    Remember, always use oils with visualization and with power. Most often, they're rubbed onto candles which are then burned in ritual. The magical goal determines the type of oil and the color of the candle used. The oil's powers mix with that of the color and the candle flame. All these energies are further boosted by the magician's personal power and are sped toward the magical goal through visualization.

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    Please Note: Bottle Shape and Label Color May Vary According To Availability . Due to the natural ingredients of Freya’s House oil, the color will vary.



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