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COMMAND COMPEL CONQUER Dressed Scented Candle Spell

COMMAND COMPEL CONQUER Dressed Scented Candle Spell


Made on full moon lunar cycle. Made with the strongest compelling ingredients in Witchcraft such as, Orris Root, Licorice root, & Calamus root, and other powerful commanding ingredients. All candles made are charged by the moons energy and ready to do their specific magical intention to command and compel others to do your bidding. You will receive instructions on how to burn your Ritual Candle. Just hold the candle to make sure it absorbs your energy and intention into it. When you feel ready, lite the candle and send forth your magic into the universe.


You Will Get in This Kit:

One Command Compel Conquer Dressed Candle

One package with Command Compel Conquer Crystal Salts ( approximately 1.0 oz.) 

Spell Instructions.

(candle holder is not included) 

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