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CONTROLLING Spiritual Air Spray

CONTROLLING Spiritual Air Spray


CONTROLLING Spiritual Air Spray contains essential oils for domination, power, or controlling spells. CONTROLLING Spiritual Air Spray can be used to compel others, like your boss, to do your bidding. Use it to dominate your partner and make them follow your orders. CONTROLLING Spiritual Air Spray will help you boost your personal power.

Spray your hands with CONTROLLING Spiritual Air Spray when writing emails to make people comply with your demands. When dressing for work in the morning, spray your shoes so that everyone at work will acknowledge your power. Spray your work area to influence whoever comes near you.

Before Conntrolling or Power Ritual, spray high into the air, in the center of the room and away from face. Within seconds, odors will be dissolved, and the light scent will remain for some time. 

Wt. 2.0 fl.oz.

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