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21 HERB BLEND Pure Herb Blend

21 HERB BLEND Pure Herb Blend


21 Herb Blend For Protection, Good Luck, Health, and Happiness

Organic pure herb blend packet is used in all the ways you would use an herb or herb mix during ritual or spell work. The excellent herbal mixture can be used for sachets, charm bags, and ritual baths. In addition, this mix can be burned like incense. This packet has been blended specifically to draw the influences of 21 Magical Plants for spiritual cleansing, to invite positive influences, open roads, and change your luck for the better. 21 Herb blend is used for cleansing, to remove bad luck, and protect you from harm.  Once it's all removed, you'll have good luck, health & happiness.


It comes in a 3.0" x 4.0" sealed bag with approximately 0. 45oz of product.

For External Use Only. Please do not ingest it as tea.





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