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PROTECTION (Ivy & Sage) Conjure Bath Oil Beads

PROTECTION (Ivy & Sage) Conjure Bath Oil Beads


Take this bath to recharge your body and mind on the next new moon! The new moon, or dark moon, is the time for new beginnings, new relationships, new adventures, positive change, and the time to set your intentions moving forward. These bath beads contain Watermelon oil, sacred to the Goddess Luna and Orisha Yemaya and connected with Heart and Sacral chakras. 
Take this bath to protect your mind, body, and spirit as you defend against negative spells and energy that come your way. This oil is powerful and effective. Each ingredient in these oil beads is for spiritual protection and cleansing.

Drop one or two beads into warm bath water to release a magickal fragrance scent along with relaxing, moisturizing oils into your bath water. As the leaves dissolve, your bath water will be filled with a wonderful aroma, and silky smooth liquid that both comforts and soothes. Soak in the bath for at least 15 minutes as you recite your desire phrases, and affirmations. Visualize your intentions to manifest your desire. Take this bath before your spell or conjure workings to invoke personal power into your life.

The bag contains 6 Soap Beads for Spiritual Baths.

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