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PEACEFUL HOME Ritual Goat Milk Salt Bath All Natural

PEACEFUL HOME Ritual Goat Milk Salt Bath All Natural


"Peaceful Home" bath brings peace and tranquility to your family and home life. A peaceful Home bath is formulated to subdue tension and conflict. For example, there is fighting, anger, resentment, anxiety, or any type of uneasiness in a relationship." Peaceful Home" bath can be used successfully to ease stress and encourage healing between two parties. A peaceful Home helps cool the emotions by giving you calm and soothing support during stressful times. It is beneficial in romantic relationships. It also works to ease conflicts between friends, family members, and co-workers.


It can be used as an overall bath soak to help melt away any lingering anger or fear. Use the time during your bath as an opportunity to visualize yourself reconciling your differences with others or working through difficult situations that have left you feeling resentful. Pray for the release of both physical and psychic tension. Stay in the bath for 6 minutes and immerse yourself four times.

Should you wish to perform a spiritual bath ritual, get two pink or blue candles and place one on each side of the bathtub (one towards your feet, the other towards your head). Next, get a large container and fill it with warm bathwater. Slowly begin to pour the water over your head, working down your whole body. Take a moment to state your intentions, or you can simply read a psalm such as Psalm 130 when you are finished, air dry.







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