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CROWN OF SUCCESS Oil with Murano Glass Perfume Bottle

CROWN OF SUCCESS Oil with Murano Glass Perfume Bottle


Each of these pendants is unique hand-crafted work of art that can be used in different way. Wear Hand Crafted Beautiful Green Perfume Bottle with Crown of Success ritual anointing oil to attract Prosperity, Good Luck, and Money. "Crown of Success" is a very powerful formula. Assists in defending all competition and overcoming all obstacles in the way of success. Helps push aside those who hinder your rise upward to success. Stops evil talk. When you are the subject of gossip or slander, this blend stops bad vibrations from affecting you in any way. 


"Crown of Success" is traditional Hoodoo oil designed to help you obtain your goals and to succeed in your endeavors. Its perfect to use when looking for a job, apartment, an interview or to simply achieve something you may have your heart set on. It's a powerful blend that helps remove obstacles and clears a path for you to accomplish your goals. It can be used for a number of situations such as getting that long awaited promotion, getting recognized for your hard work, putting you above your competition and can help your business be more successful.  Success oil can even help with love or court case matters.

L 17.7"
Color:  Green

1/2 dram BSM Crown of Success Oil

Sold as Curio Only

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