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BLESSED MARY Oil with Murano Glass Perfume Bottle

BLESSED MARY Oil with Murano Glass Perfume Bottle


Green Murano Glass Perfume Bottle Necklace with BLESSED MARY Oil. Each of these pendants is unique hand-crafted work of art that can be used in different way. Wear Hand Crafted Beautiful Blue Perfume Bottle  and apply oil to the temples and inner wrists. Kneel and pray with sincerity for aid with your particular situation or problem. Quick assistance will come to those who are in dire straits by use of this fragrance dedicated to the Mother of God. "Blessed Mary" perfume oils are handcrafted using Holy Hyssop, Virgin Olive oil, and special blend to call Mother of God.
Our Best Spells Magick Perfume Oils and Conjure Perfume Oils and Perfume Sprays are the perfect magical supplement to our Best Spells Magick Voodoo Spells and Rituals Performed for You, Voodoo Spells & Ritual Kits, Voodoo Spells & Altar Candle Rituals and Voodoo Dolls and Magical Fetishes!

L 17.7"
Color:  blue

1/2 dram BSM "Blesed Mary" Oil

Sold as Curio Only

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