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Cupparosa Body Lotion

Also called "hummingbird honey" Chuparrosa Lotion is also another popualr Hoodoo recipe made with matchmaking in mind (as honey attracts hummingbirds). A popular theory holds that it is impossible for the object of a recent Chuparrosa bather's desires to resist his or her advances. 
Anybody who wants a long-term love relationship may employ this formula. Chuparrosa is also appropriate for rekindling a relationship with an old flame or mending fences with an estranged love partner. Honeysuckle and honey are the main ingredients of a Chuparrosa Lotion. Honeysuckle nectar has been long-known for its aphrodisiac properties and amorous associations. Indeed, Chuparossa Honey's heavy honeysuckle fragrance may be utilized as a token of respect for many deities associated with seduction and romance, like Venus, Oshun, and Aphrodite.

Invigorating body Lotion, infused with Cuparossa, Patchouli, and Violet essential oils,and honey.
Product Notes: This luxurious crafted blend of 100% pure plant-derived oils also contains natural Hyaluronic Acid and pure natural Squalane- an effective moisturizer derived from olives.
All natural, this lotion helps increase collagen synthesis and facilitates skin healing and regeneration, will nourish your skin and provide a smooth silky glide during massage
Wt.2.0 oz.
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