Curse Remover Herb Blend /Aromatic Bath (Quita Maldicion)

Curse Remover Herb Blend /Aromatic Bath (Quita Maldicion)


Our Quita Maldicion (Curse Remover) Herb Bath is used to remove all evil & negative influences from your surroundings.
3/4 oz (21.2g)

Instructions for use:
The oldest tradition in ritual bathing uses special herbs to impart certain essences conducive to love-getting, money-drawing, protection from evil, or the removal of curses. This method of preparation is generally to steep the herbs in boiling water, strain the mixture, let the liquid cool, and pour it over the body while standing in a wash tub.

You can carry some herbal blend on you: putt a tiny bit in the Mojo Bag or put a pinch of the herb unto a locket.

Boil the herbs in the water, strain the plant material from the liquid and sprinkle it around or outside the home.

Use as Incense: Traditionally though, herbs are set alight on charcoal burners and the smoke allowed to waft through the house.

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    These ritual bath are hand-crafted and aromatically, therapeutically, and magically charged to strengthen the magick within and around you.

    Ingredients: Botanicals, Sea Salt, Essential oils and Fragrance