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BLACK ARTS Hoodoo Candle Pure Herb Dressing

BLACK ARTS Hoodoo Candle Pure Herb Dressing


Black Arts Candle Dressing Herb Blend contains herbs for crossing, cursing, jinxing, confusion, and hot foot spell. Use spells to curse your enemies with sickness, job loss, misfortune, and poverty, inflame your enemies into arguments, break up a couple, or "Hot Foot" annoying people out of your life.

Cursing Candle Dressing Herb Blend is designed for customers who want to dress and burn their cursing candles at home.


Package size: 20 ml glass vial (Approximately enough to dress three glass-encased candles or two jumbo candles.)


  • What it is


    In hoodoo, candles are traditionally dressed with oils and herbs before praying and burning them in hoodoo spells. A candle should never be burned without it. Best Spells Magick Candle Dressing Herb Blends is very effective. The candle dressing are usually applied to 7 day glass religious candle, but can be applied to jumbo candle, or any other candle you will burn  in your spiritual work. You can add a pinch of these herbs in the top of jar candles, or you can dress candles by oiling them  with a money oil of your choice (like Domination Oil or Controlling Oil), then rolling them through these herbs. You can also sprinkle Candle Dressing Herb Blends around your candles in mystical shapes.

    Best Spells Magick Candle Dressing Herb Blends are all hand-blended using the finest botanical ingredients.

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