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Emotional Healing Ritual

Emotional Healing Ritual


Whether you've experienced trauma, are recovering from a serious illness or other setback, learning how to heal your heart through practices this ritual and meditating for releasing negative emotions will help you to be happy and find peace.

Emotional healing is an issue of tremendous importance. There may have been a trauma like loss of a loved one. There may be fighting between parents, siblings, spouses, employees, and lovers. You may need to reconcile the past in order to heal. You may just need to heal and love yourself.
Emotional healing can be used for broken heart, eliminate feelings of anger, for rejuvenation, purging, and renewing energy.

  • What it is

    This is simple, but extremely effective healing rite. The ritual is one of the many which were devised almost two thousand years ago and was revealed to me by a member of one “underground” Christian Mystic group. The rite is one of the most effective ever to have been devised and simply has to have been revealed to man via divine revelation, as so many rites have been, but the complexities have been eluded and can be used by anyone.

    This is unique miracle healing rite is constructed to help you to bring desired aspiration to materialization by asking the powers contained within the structure of the symbol (in other words, ask the symbol) and as specifically as possible, to bring your desired aspiration to materialization.

  • Please Note:

    Even though I truly believe in the power of this product, I am required by law to state that this product is sold as curio only and results cannot be guaranteed. The Product(s) in this listing is (are) for religious or curios purposes only.

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