ESPANTA MUERTA Bath and Body Organic Wash

ESPANTA MUERTA Bath and Body Organic Wash


Espanta Muerta Bath and Body Organic Wash is powerful blend to be used to clear your body and soul from confusing and negative energy, cast out evil spirits, and deflects dark magick. If you are experiencing a haunting or suspect someone (or something) is sending negative energy your way, Espanta Muerta wash works to help repel the darkness.
Espanta Muerta smells heavenly and works to purify the body, draw positive energy, and restore peace. A blend of frankincense, myrrh, sage, and mint adding powerful purifying energy that automatically repels evil and negativity

The Espanta Muerta wash was hand-blended with ancient principles and magick, but made with purity and perfection in mind. The wash is designed with organic wash base, and blessed organic herbs, to create powerful, divine bland, charged with a universal life-force.

How To use:
To prepare your ritual bath, steep the Espanta Muerta Organic Bath & Body Wash in boiling water. Strain the mixture and let the liquid cool. Light some Cleansing Protection or Jinx Removing Incense, white candles, and place it in your bathroom. Remove your clothes and stand in your bathtub. Pour the prepared body wash mixture over your body, making sure to fully douse your entire body. Soak in the tub for at least fifteen minutes, concentrating on casting out the unwelcome evil spirit. After your ritual bath is complete, allow yourself to air dry. Breaks the most powerful spells and negative energy when taken before uncrossing candle ritual. After bath wear white clothes. Most people use this while reciting Psalm 37. When you are done, take any remaining water and bring it to a crossroad.

Organic Body Wash is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Organic Ingredients:  Panthenol, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Rice Protein,  Burdock, Ivy, Fenugreek, Essential Oil Blend, and fresh bitter plants to remove all evil and negative energy.