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Egyptian Eye of Horus "Power of Light" Necklace Amulet

Egyptian Eye of Horus "Power of Light" Necklace Amulet


The Eye of the Moon which Set stole from Horus is worn to protect against evil, symbolizing the Power of Light over Darkness. For Health, Strength and Protection.

Eye Of Horus NecklaceThis is the most Powerful of Egyptian Amulets! The wearer is said to have Prosperity, Strength, and Universal Power in all things! Gives you Courage, Wisdom, and Psychic Powers to know what others are thinking! Be protected from evil and have Prosperity in Life!

 In addition, the possessor is said to be protected from any evil curse or spell, for the Sacred Eye Returns the curse to the one who sends it.

Material: zinc alloy
Plating: antique silver plated
Shape: round
Size: 25mm diam.
Chain: 16” with 3” extender

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