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Hoodoo Sprinkle Fixed Red Rice for Love Sex & Passion

Hoodoo Sprinkle Fixed Red Rice for Love Sex & Passion


"Fixed" rice is handmade by our adept practitioners. The word “fixed” simply means that it has been created for a specific purpose. Herbs, powders, oils, crystals, gems, or other traditional items have been added to the hand-colored rice to amplify the intent.

Red Fixed Rice is developed to magically affect your desired love. The rice will assist the user by magically enchanting the targeted person. The user will find the person is more receptive to their suggestions, more positive in their responses, and will show greater affection and express an emotional bond to the user.

Our Fixed Rice is highly recommended to those who want a very simple but
effective love attraction helper.


  • A little goes a long way. Add a pinch to feed a relationship mojo bag once a week.
  • Carry in a sachet; it will help keep love strong.
  • Mix into loose incense or liquid potpourri to enhance magickal intent.
  • Carry some in a portable shaker and casually shake a dash under your chair at a bar or club if you’re on the prowl.
  • There are many applications for this — use your imagination!
  • Fixed Rice can also be used to add energy to other works as well.
  • It can be used like a sand painting to draw circles, runes, or other symbols on the altar or workspace.
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