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GAMBLING LUCK Simple Candle Ritual Kit

GAMBLING LUCK Simple Candle Ritual Kit


This potent lottery spell is for those who try their luck at the lottery, lotto, and bingo but are always empty-handed. Easy Lotto Spell is working fast, easy and effective. Many money games are played worldwide, such as lottery, horse racing, bingo, jackpot, etc. Here is an all-in-one lottery spell that works for mega riches and fortunes.  Your luck will favor you drastically after you cast this lottery spell to win money.

 Casting a magic spell means working with the universe's energies and nature to protect or bring good changes in one's life. This kit contains everything needed to cast a spell and walk you step by step through the process. The spell will energize the Pentacle Charm. Then, you can wear it as a necklace or carry it as a mascot. This spell is powerful and should not be taken lightly.


Each kit contains:
Ritual candle
Ritual Oil
Organza Bag




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