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GAY APHRODISIAC Conjure Goat Milk Body Lotion

GAY APHRODISIAC Conjure Goat Milk Body Lotion


Gay Aphrodisiac Body and Massage Oil combine time-honored, potent extracts like Ashwagandha, Gensing, Patchouli, Copaiba, and Vetiver to promote healthy sexual desire and performance. In addition, cardamom and Cinnamon create a warming and exotic aroma, simultaneously relaxing the body and enhancing libido. Lotion increases intensity and passion, fostering male/male attraction and love and gaining an aura of charisma and sinful lure, social appeal, and confidence.
The Lotion is formulated to assist with the spiritual work to achieve your needs and desires. This New Orleans lotion is crafted with ingredients helping increase energy vibrations and shift an intention into reality (manifestation). This potion was carefully handcrafted with components used for the intention/purpose of manifesting your desires more quickly. First, it is suggested that you meditate on the desired goals and effects of the ritual you are about to undertake. Then, visualize the results already being obtained.

Wt. 2.0 fl. oz. /  60 ml

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