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Chicken Foot Luck, Protection Luck Amulet

Chicken Foot Luck, Protection Luck Amulet


Chicken Foot - paw, feet, luck, protection, hoodoo, folk magic, amulet. The use of a chicken foot is a common practice in voodoo rituals. It is often part of an offering to the loa (ghost spirits) in exchange for their help.
Dried and crafty painted chicken foot can be used as a necklace for attracting love and protection, or as decoration to any sacred place in dedication to the spirits for their help.

You will receive ONE dried chicken foot with key ring that has been stored in a box full of bay leaves and dressed with protection and power oils.

Size: 3,5" x 2"

  • What it is

    Chicken feet are a powerful curio often used in Hoodoo workings. According to southern Hoodoo practices, a chicken paw is considered an amulet of protection, and used for removing negative energy and hexes.

    Expect natural variations in size, color, and shape. These items are intended for craft or ritual use. They are not for human or animal consumption and should not be exposed to excess moisture. Sold as a curio only.

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