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God Phoenix Egyptian Amulet Necklace

God Phoenix Egyptian Amulet Necklace


PHOENIX - Egyptian God Of IMMORTALITY and RESURRECTION. Berth Sign for Cancer people JUNE 25 - JULY 24.

Sculpted with the image of a phoenix, this amulet uses the image of these mystical creatures to bring magic to the one who wears it or uses it in rituals and spells. From the dragon comes good fortune and prosperity, while the phoenix offers rebirth, change, and long life, making the amulet great for new beginnings.
People born under this zodiac sign are resilient, optimistic, resourceful, determined, flexible and inspiring. They thrive performing risky jobs, being self-employed, and as engineers

Eco Consciously Crafted in the USA.
Metal:Lead free Pewter.
Size: L 45mm x W 15mm
Black cord 18"L


Sold as a Curio Only

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