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HEALING Conjure Herbal Incense Powder

HEALING Conjure Herbal Incense Powder


"Healing Incense" is a powerful tool to help support your body through the healing process. "Healing Loose Incense" is a great product to use in healing rituals, when fighting off sickness, recovering from surgery or when your body needs support in recovering its vitality.

Burn a blue candle while Praying for the healing and good health of you or your loved one. Anoint a blue candle with Healing Oil. Place the candle in a candle holder on top of photos of a sick person to help spiritually support their recovery. Let the candle burn down completely. You can repeat this spell as many times as you desire. Should additional support be desired, burn this incense and chant a healing mantra or prayer.
Each blend has been handcrafted specifically with herbs that lend power to the intent of the magick.
PLEASE NOTE: For one in ill health, the first requisite is to have a complete physical examination by a reputable physician.
Package size: glass vial 20 ml 

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