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"Janice" Turquoise Bead Hook Earrings

"Janice" Turquoise Bead Hook Earrings


Turquoise Bead Hook Earrings.
Magical properties
The main property of Turquoise is to reconcile all hostile forces, to stop quarrels, to establish peace in the family, to take away anger. It strengthens intuition, increases independence. Gives ambition, bravery, an insight and a constancy. Draws positive influences, energy, emotion. It was worn for protection against a lightning. According to eastern legend, the one who looked at Turquoise in the morning, all the day long will be care-free. In the Middle Ages people believed that if woman wishes to win over a man, she should secretly sew in a piece of Turquoise in his clothes and wear turquoise earrings.

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