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This water infused with Lavender & Cedar Essential oil and real leaves

Authentic, Hand Crafted by the Witches at Best Spells Magick store


Lavender & Cedar Water can be used for cleansing and protecting oneself and one's space. Lavender Cedar Water is used to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere, to bring peace to an environment as well as to prevent negative people and/or entities from entering the household. Great for cleaning and around your home or Altar and adding to your bath water! This purifying water helps shift your energy and mood. Sprinkle to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere.
You could even place a crystal or copper inside to charge/amplify intentions (citrine for finances, rose quartz for relationships, orange calcite for creativity and joy, etc…). Then close and store it until the Full Moon.
Clean your sacred area before rituals to remove impurities. Use it in your water for cleaning your door ways and floors, concentrating your tools. Put it in a spray bottle and spray your room or your own aura and chakras. Use it as a hand wash before performing money good luck spells, before performing rituals or crafting, when going on job interviews, before conducting business transactions, and to attract customers into your store. Put some into your ritual bath, and for uncrossing ritual bathing. Please be sure to test on a small area of your skin for any allergic reaction before use. The possibilities are endless. This spiritual ritual water may be used as it is or deluded in spring water (trust your own intuition for the dilution ratio). Keep in the fridge for longer life freshness.

Comes in a 2.0 fl. Oz. plastic bottle.

For External Use ONLY

Please Note: Bottle Shape and Label Color May Vary According To Availability . Due to the natural ingredients of Freya’s House oil, the color will vary.

NOT for human consumption.

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