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LOVE DRAWING Aromatic Herbal Bath

LOVE DRAWING Aromatic Herbal Bath


Use this mix to attract your ideal mate or return a lost love. Our Love Drawing spell and Bath mix is intended to bring love into your life, or help the one that you desire fall for you. Use on charcoal to burn, add to your bath, potpourrie or mojo bag.

The excellent herbal mixture can be used for Sachets, Charm Bags, Ritual Bath, or can be burned.


Herbal Bath Blend contains herbs for two baths and comes in a 4.0" x 4.0"  bag with approximately 1.0 oz of product. Each of the components of Herbal Blend is 100% natural.

For External Use Only. Please do not ingest it as tea.

  • Spell Ideas:

    Love Drawing Herb Bath Uses:· Compel a specific person to love you· Command love into your life.

     Love Drawing Herb Bath Spell Ideas:Take a bath with Love Drawing Herb Bath before going out on a date with someone you has feelings for in order to bewitch them with your scent. They will be compelled to fall in love with you just as much as you love them!

    Place Herb Bath Love Drawing in a bowl like a potpourri in your house and invite the target of your affections to have a seat next to it. When they smell it they will be affected by your magic.

    Use Love Drawing Herb Bath before doing a coercive hoodoo love spell and it will boost your ability to manipulate and command your target to love you back.

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