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Love Drawing Oil

Love Drawing Oil

Use for attracting a new or an old love to you, enhancing or restoring your love, self-love, soothes grief and a broken heart. Helps open Heart Chakra.Our oils are hand-blended using essential oils and natural fragrance oils and contain dried herbs to enhance their potency.

Directions: Anoint charm bags, candles(pink or red) or yourself, or any object to energetically charge it, like a crystal or pendant. Can be used in oil diffuser/burner, added to sea salt to make bath salt, worn on skin like perfume (your secret weapon), or any way that you can think of.

Not to be taken internally.

Our oils are personally hand-blended using recipes which include essential oils, herbs, roots, and resins, infused with a carrier oil suited for magical purposes, pure Olive Oil and high quality Jojoba. Because The Freya’s House Store does NOT use synthetic fragrance oils, the scent is subtle and natural.
Our oils come in 1 dram (3.7 ml) bottles.

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