LOVE MAGICK Spiritual Air Spray

LOVE MAGICK Spiritual Air Spray


LOVE MAGICK Spiritual Air Spray contains essential oils for love, reconciliation, attraction, sex and passion. Draw true love, make a specific person love you, or reconcile with an ex. Attract friends, lovers or the attention of others. Stoke passion in a relationship or attract sexual partners. Use Freya's Love Hoodoo Spray Mist before going on a date, spritz your underwear to increase your sex appeal. Spray your home and your bedroom to improve romance. If you want to improve a romantic outcome, buy a bouquet of flowers and spray them with LOVE MAGICK Spiritual Air Spray. Use LOVE MAGICK Spiritual Air Spray when meeting a love interest to make him or her fall for you.

 Every day Air spray high into the air, in the center of the room and away from face. Within seconds, odors will be dissolved, and the light scent will remain for some time. 

Wt. 2.0 fl.oz.

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