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LOVE UNCROSSING Smock-Free Incense Spiritual Aromatic Pearls Sachet

LOVE UNCROSSING Smock-Free Incense Spiritual Aromatic Pearls Sachet


Use this smoke-free aromatic pearl incense in spells to clear away the blockage of love, remove jinxes, and release you from and repair past relationship issues. Formulated to reconcile lost love and help overcome obstacles to bring you better luck in your love life.

Our Hand-Crafted Aroma Pearls Smokeless Ritual Incense is an excellent smoke-free alternative. This aroma of pearls can be utilized in any ritual or spell. We use precise astrological timings and an elaborate three-day blessings procedure with a direct intention to raise your magickal energy and help in your spiritual work. This is NOT a regular air freshener. Ritual Smoke-free Incense "Aromatic Bead Sachet" requires spiritual smell intensity and a particular scent coordinated with a direct spiritual intention. 
How to Use. Use the aroma beads instead of incense. Use it as part of a spiritual ritual. Take an organza bag between your palms and chant, recite a prayer or mantra if you wish, and place it on the altar. You can put this organza bag with magickal beads in sachets, smelly jelly jars, closets, automobiles, lockers, and drawers. Keep in mind that it is possible that you may go "nose blind" to the scent over time, but this will not lessen the magickal powers. If you feel the scent has weakened, you can gently massage or give them a little shake, and the scent will be refreshed. Aroma Bead Sachets usually last between 2- 8 weeks.

No animal testing is conducted on our products or ingredients. All our products are hand-made in small batches in the USA.
Each Sachet is hand poured and contains approximately —0.5 oz of aroma beads in an organza bag inside an air-tide envelope.
Warning:  For external use only. Do not set scented beads on wood surfaces, plastic surfaces, or painted surfaces; the fragrance can damage these surfaces. Do not use aroma beads in a heated potpourri burner because they melt. Do not use candle wax, and do not place aroma beads near a flame.  The fragrance oils in these aroma beads can eat through certain types of plastics, so be careful when storing these products. Because aroma beads are not heated like candles are, they will naturally not have as strong as a scent throw. 

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