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"Mato" Red Coral Bead Link Bracelet

"Mato" Red Coral Bead Link Bracelet

Red Coral Three-Row Intertwine Bead Link Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp. 

MAGICAL PROPERTIES: Coral is associated with Venus, Isis and Water. It has been used as a form of protective magic for children for hundreds of years. Cunningham recommends it as a luck-attraction for living areas. Sailors use it as a protection from bad weather while at sea. Red-orange coral is one of the four element gemstones of the Pueblo Indians. It is one of the four colors used for the directions in the Hopi/Zuni Road of Life. Coral is considered a representative of the warm energy of the Sun, and the southern direction.
As a charm, one of the most common uses for Coral amulets was fecundity, particularly Red Coral for women struggling with infertility.
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