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Mini Psychic Reading

Mini Psychic Reading

Mini Psychic Reading – 15 minutes Psychic Readings via Phone.
For quick answers, “yes” or “no” divination

This mini psychic reading is perfect for those who want an initiated practitioner to look at one question or one topic and provide quick answers, yes or no divination, or ritual solutions for your situation!

If you are not sure what ritual or spells to order, this is the service for you! This MINI psychic reading and spiritual consultation session is approximately 15 minutes via phone. We offer the option during this session to order more time, should you wish to expand to a half hour or full hour, time permitting.

These MINI psychic readings and spiritual consultations are usually scheduled that day, between Mon-Sun from 10 am – 6 pm CT (please coordinate with your time zone). This is your time to speak one on one with spiritual practitioner Dr. Donna Star, regarding your pressing question or concerns and be advised of the best ritual solutions.
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