Powerful Money Drawing Mojo Bag


Draw money and blessings into your home with a prosperity Mojo Bag. Our Powerful Money Drawing Mojo Bag includes basil, lavender and other herbs used in blessing the home and drawing prosperity into it. A Money Drawing Mojo Bag is perfect for blessing a new home or helping everyone under your roof live more prosperously.

 Inclues a full bottle of Money Drawing Oil 
Powerful Money Drawing  Mojo Bag Uses:
Drawing money into your home
Blessing your home with peace and harmony
Sell your home to wealthy buyers
Mojo Bag Spell Ideas:
Tie a Money Drawing Mojo Bag behind the front door of your house to draw blessings and money into your home. If you don't want people to see your mojo bag you can hide it in a vase or small box on the mantle above the hearth of the home, or in the kitchen. If you are trying to sell your home, you can hide a Mojo Bag in a container or plant near the front door of a home you are trying to sell to attract a wealthy buyer.

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