MONEY DRAWING Triple Strength Oil

MONEY DRAWING Triple Strength Oil


Money Drawing Triple Strength Magickal Oil used in any ritual to bring money into the home. This oil is often used as an incense by placing a few drops on charcoal.
Glass Bottle Size: 1/4 fl.oz (2 dram)

MONEY DRAWING Oil is the original Hoodoo money magnet, pulling in pound coins and dollar bills just when you need them the most. Whether you want to get that cash register ringing, win big at the blackjack table, or work your way back in to the black, this spicy little mix is the one for you.



Works well with:

You can use the oil to dress a money drawing mojo-bag or nation sack (Try alkanet, cinnamon and chamomile for an all purpose money-bag), or grease your palms for luck and success in money matters. Green is the colour of money, so make sure and use green bags and candles to fix your work up tight.

Wt. 2.0 drams

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