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Money/Luck Spell Spray

Create your own talisman or magick when you need it. Ever want to be able to use your current jewelry or handmade items as spell talisman? Now you can!

These sprays are meant to be used on items to infuse them with the magick they are bound with.

Great scents that you simply spray right onto the item of your choice to create magick where ever you might find yourself!
Here are some examples of how clients have used it in the past:
Spray MONEY/LUCK SPELL on your shoes before you walk into the casino.
Spray MONEY/LUCK SPELL on a piece of tissue paper then place it in the pocket before job interview.

Spray MONEY/LUCK SPELL on one dollar bill, and place it in your wallet. Spend this dollar fast, and anoint another dollar. Avery few days anoint one dollar and spend it, and see how money increasing in your wallet.

Spray MONEY/LUCK SPELL on your cash machine to increase money flow.
Spray SUCCESS SPELL on a Success talisman or amulet.

The possibilities are endless!
One spray is all you need for powerful magick to occur.
One bottle lasts a long time!
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