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MOUNTAN MEADOW - Orisha Oke Ritual Bath Salt All Natural

MOUNTAN MEADOW - Orisha Oke Ritual Bath Salt All Natural


"Mountain Meadow" Orisha Oke bath salts are formulated to attract the qualities of the Earth and air elements together: strength and change, spirituality, peace, and purity. Oke forms an important trilogy with Oggue and Orisha Oko, who governed all the movements of the Earth. OKE is the Orisha of mountains and heights or elevations of the land. He represents the perfection of the primordial state of the man born of Olodumare and returned to him. He is the symbolism of the mysteries of Olofi and the firmness of mother earth. With his one, the croquettes, Orisha's Ashe herbs, and any powders are crushed.


These hand-blended intention-based baths are created with organic bath-quality sea salt, essential & fragrance oils, and herbs. Use it as a tool to help manifest your intention. Use this as part of more extensive spell work or on its own. 

You will get: Comes in a 3.25" x 5.25" sealed bag with approximately 3.0 oz. of product and Instructions on How to Take a Spiritual Bath. Use for two baths.  




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