OGGUN Orisha Conjure Oil

OGGUN Orisha Conjure Oil


Oggun Oil is formulated to encourage attributes of Oggun: spirit of metal who removes obstacles and resolves disputes. Traditionally associated herbs are Sage and Sarsaparilla are included, as the Deity Oils are blended to honor the energetic qualities of each of the Deities.

Oggun, God of Iron, Steel and of War. Many call on the god Oggun to assist when working with energy, creativity, war, hunting, and invention. He is a powerful, fierce warrior who defends his people and fights against injustice. Ogun has the intelligence and creativity to invent tools, weapons, and technology.
Oggun is ruler over these elements of nature,Iron/Steel.

Glass Bottle Size: 1/4 fl.oz (2 dram)


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