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Orula Macuto Santeria Amulet/Orishas Amulet

Orula Macuto Santeria Amulet/Orishas Amulet


ORULA Amulet: (Green & Yellow) Orula is known to be the master of divination and wisdom; he can see far into the future of anyone and everyone on earth and has the power to influence destinies, as he was present to witness the creation of the universe, thus knowing most. He is one of the best guides, as he has clear total perception and knowingness of our lives, and can communicate with us through divination.

This Orula Amulet is hand beaded and measures approximately 1 inch in diameter, perfect for keeping on your altar, or carrying in your pocket, mojo hand, or medicine bag.

Each Beaded Amulet is carefully consecrated according to proper Voodoo protocol, anointed with ritual oils, and ritually prepared.
Carry this amulet with you for blessings and protection and keep it in its special handcrafted magickal box of consecrated herbs on your altar where it will be fed when you are not using it. Light green/yellow


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