BRING HUSBAND / LOVER BACK Spell from Book of Shadows

BRING HUSBAND / LOVER BACK Spell from Book of Shadows


St. Marta is patroness of a happy home, domestic servants, and house-keepers.  This ritual is helping to call powers of St. Marta to help in solving domestic problems, to bring closer a lover who is resisting you, to help keep a husband or  boyfriend  faithful, or bring a new love.

Call for magickal power of St. Marta. who is very powerful saint, known as the dominator of man.     


Discover the fascinating rite, one of the most effective ever to have been devised and simply has to have been revealed to man via divine revelation, as so many rites have been, but the complexities have been eluded and has re-devised so as to be used by anyone.

Invoke beneficent powers to solve your problems!

So simple, even a child can follow!

For use by persons of all religions!

Completely safe – and yet so Potent!

Complete Instructions!

In this Page Kit You will get:
St.Marta Amulet
Page #2 - Instructions


Recommended magickal tools for this ritual: 

3 pc. Novena St.Marta Candles

Love oil

Fresh White Flowers


Magickal materials as candles, incense, powders and oils is NOT included

  • What it is

    The ritual’s techniques in PAGE from “Secret Keys of Magick” Grimoire are simple and require little time to perform. Some rituals NOT required oils, candles, and incenses. 

    Dr. Donna Star, Ph.D, a psychotherapist, mingles over 35 years of magical learning, Official Witch of New York and Freya's House and Best Spells Magick Store founder, has tried all the “Secret Keys of Magick” rituals and spells techniques for herself. She writes from genuine personal experience – she KNOWS what happens and not, what is “supposed to happen” in psychic matters. Her instructions are proven and tested, and they will work for you! They are not complex, and they are absolutely safe. Your luck for a new life of happiness and fulfillment has already begun by your reading here about the “Secret Keys of Magick” – because the rituals methods are based on experiences she has learnt the hard way. Thanks to her, you can succeed quickly- the easy way!

    This PAGE is more than a printed ritual – it is a "treasure chest" leading to the control of personal destiny and unlimited material and spiritual riches.

      Destiny now taps you on the shoulder – “go forth and conquer!”