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MANDRAKE Root Infused Blessed Water

MANDRAKE Root Infused Blessed Water


Powerful Mandrake Root Infused Water Protection, Fertility, Love, Money. This authentic Mandrake Root

water is made by infusing dried Mandrake Roots. 

Mandrake Blessed Water is used for Protection, Fertility, Love, Money & Health. Used in India as a powerful aphrodisiac. Believed to attract love, wealth, and protection. Anointing a paper with a name written on it is believed to draw love from that person. Anointing a paper money with this oil is believed to bring wealth. Mandrake may be used for both empowering a curse or to help turn away negative energy and curses. Mandrake is believed to be a very powerful visionary herb that empowers visions, bringing them into manifestation.

The infused oil may be used in ritual, spell work, candle magick and the anointing of oneself.  Place a few drops in the bath as part of your spell work/ritual.


Gender ~Masculine

Planet ~ Mercury

Element ~ Fire


The bottle holds approximately 1.0 fl. oz 

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