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PROTECTION Spiritual Air Spray

PROTECTION Spiritual Air Spray


Protection Spiritual Air Spray contains essential oils for protection, reversing, stop gossip and safe travel.

Our Protection Spiritual Air Spray is based on an old traditional conjure blend. It is a fabulous recipe for building a protective wall of protection against you and those who may wish you harm. It's also great for any situation where you are feeling intimidated or may be experiencing fear. It is also a powerful solution for shielding yourself against adverse people and/or energy. It is even known to have the power to uncross detrimental and malevolent spells, curses or hexes. It proves to be one of the more important blends to keep in the home or in the office.


 Please note that this blend can be used for both the body and the home. There is no limit as to how you can use our Protection Spiritual Air Spray. You can literally spray it anywhere where you feel there is negative energy. Spray it around the home, at work, on your altar, after you get out of the bath, in the car, on your hands....etc. We often encourage people to take spiritual salt bath and spray yourself down after you get out. Spray down your front door and in the corners of your home. Pour some in a bowl and placed it under the bed. Spray your house your front door, your work space, and your suitcases with Protection Spiritual Air Spray.

Use Protection Spiritual Air Spray to sprinkle on top of any cursing powders someone may have sprinkled as a trap for you to walk through. Spray some Protection Spiritual Air Spray on your doorknob in case you think someone has tricked it. This mist will neutralize any evil and protect you from curses, dark spirits, and negativity.

Wt. 2.0 fl.oz.

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