QABAL Third Eye Organic Bath & Body Wash

QABAL Third Eye Organic Bath & Body Wash


With Organic Sage Leave & Hibiscus flower  

A meditation/psychic blend, that sets up a positive vibration current conducive to spirit contact, clairvoyance or telepathic working. During the bath ritual you can recite spells and incantations or do active visualization.

Formulated with essential oils witch aids having visions and vivid dreams: Bay to help with psychic awareness, Hibiscus for dream work and divination, Angelica Root to enhance psychic abilities, vivid dreams, and inner visions, Lavender to relax and peel back the veil and shine light on the unseen while white sage and eucalyptus cleanse and refresh.

Organic Ingredients:  Panthenol, Glycerine, Pure Epsom Salt, Aloe Vera, Rice Protein, Burdock, Ivy, Fenugreek, Essential Oil Blend, and Natural Fragrances 

Wt. 1.0 fl.oz.