Powerful Reconciliation Mojo Bag


Lodestones, balm of Gilead, damiana and powerful reconciliation herbs combine powers in a "Powerful Reconciliation Mojo Bag". Reconciliation Mojo Bag is perfect for repairing a damaged relationship or for reconciling with an estranged lover. Powerful Reconciliation Mojo Bag works to heal a relationship by softening hearts and drawing you back together again. This mojo bag requires that you specify the names of you and your estranged mate.


  • Details

    This bag is hand made by Dr. Donna Star, a Professional Psychic, Witch, Root worker, and Priestess, with many years’ experience!

    It will come to you fully charged along with detailed instructions for use on how to activate bag to obtain the highest effectiveness for you.

    This mojo is prayed over from start to finish. It is blessed and charged in a special ritual just for you. Each mojo is a unique creation and has positive energy to help draw you your desire for prosperity and financial gain.

    You will receive Mojo bag and a very special bottle of a Secret Ingredient Magickal Oil Made by Dr.Donna Star to dress your bag!

    Since each bag is individually prepared they may vary from picture slightly.
  • Reconciliation Mojo Bag Uses:

    Repair a damaged relationship
    Reconcile with an estranged lover
    Rekindle passion in a cold relationship

  • Reconciliation Mojo Bag Spell Ideas:

    Carry a Reconciliation Mojo Bag when you've had a split up because of misunderstandings or harsh words being exchanged in an argument. The Reconciliation Mojo Bag will work to heal the pain of the break up and the damaging words that were exchanged. Keep in mind that all reconciliation spell work is slow and steady to work. Anoint Mogo Bag one's a week with 3 drops of Best Spells Magick "Want You Back" Oil.

    Reconciliation Mojo Bag is part of Best Spells Magick line of Reconciliation Megickal Products.

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